Aufgabe: Maribor 2112
Auftraggeber: Prof. Bart Lootsma – Inst. für Architekturtheorie – Universität Innsbruck
Zeitraum: 2013
Status: abgeschlossen
Ort: Maribor – Slovenien
Größe: 20.000m2
Team: M. Mutschlechner
Partner: B. Lootsma , P. Trummer, Stadt Maribor, RMIT
Team: Ian Gillis, Alexander Gogl, Olaf Grawert, Albert Koenig, Gabriel Gadient, Mara Milborn, Gunar Zangerl, Menno Ekkelboom, David Ess, Marwin Gambel

Im Rahmen der Biennale in Venedig 2012 wurden drei Szenarios für die heurige Kulturhauptstadt Maribor untersucht. Diese drei Szenarien untersuchen die Stadtentwicklung bis in das Jahr 2112 in einer wachsender, einer schrumpfender und einer stagnierender Entwicklung.

From Maribor, to Moneyborn Maribor is the first ever Slovenian European Capital of Cultural in the year 2012. The region of Maribor has a very diverse alpine landscape, but also has a giant hinterland flatland area, Greater Maribor. Our proposal is simple: implementing an urban grid using the flatland of Greater Maribor. Finding the ultimate grid for Maribor at 400 by 400 meters, Maribor has the chance to develop into the ultimate capitalist metropolis. By using the grid as a set of guidelines, the infrastructure will not be included from the start. As the grid evolves, the infrastructure will grow with it, according to future developments in technology. Giving the grid inverted New York zoning laws, the buildings get the potential of having double the amount of façade while keeping the same amount of volume. The full extension of these zones will look like a cut up pyramid. There are exceptions like, park, industry, stadium, etc. that stand above the zoning law so Maribor can develop into a healthy metropolis. We predict that Greater Maribor will develop spontaneously in a leapfrog manner, meaning new urban areas will arise in non-neighbouring blocks of existing urban areas, finally reaching metropolitan densities in certain areas. The historical cultural centres will not or hardly grow over time and will remain as historical artefacts, rare jewels in the mass of the new metropolis. News from NowHere – The dream of a green guarded by a garden gnome Inception: Villas on the hillside besides vineyards.
An old city centre alongside new shopping malls.
Segregation, isolation and vastness characterize the city. Maribor is a City in between, a geographically scattered patchwork. 
Uniform areas of detached housing next to industrial wasteland.
The urban sprawl fits no greater whole, it is heterogeneous and fragmented, a complex structure consisting of individual interests. Utopia: In his novel “News from Nowhere” (1890), William Morris describes an utopia, a romantic version of Socialism in 2010. The story is set in the “liberated” London and shows a society living in harmony with nature. The Cities and factories have been destroyed during revolution. Maribor 2112: Driven by the desire to import the “western” lifestyles, suburbanization with all the negative consequences is progressing in Maribor. Morris‘ utopia is imposed on Maribor, starting from the de-industrialization via the urban sprawl to the shrinkage of the inner city. The economic centres in the city disappear, the outskirts are growing and financial constraints lead to more urban farming. New technologies, developed in the Global Cities, spread all over the world. Intelligent insectoid machines, Ai-Bugs, are introduced. Suddenly Morris‘ Utopia seems tangible. The Bugs take over fastidious work and dismiss the people in a city without centre, interspersed with grassland, woods and industrial wasteland. What remains is the house in the green without the garden gnome, but with an Ai-Bug. Reminiscence of white space : future forms When conscience becomes form. Sustainable energy as an architectural case-study on possible future developments. When memory becomes form. Data storage as an architectural case-study on possible future developments. When desire becomes form. Food production as an architectural case-study on possible future developments. When contiguousness becomes form. Transportation as an architectural case-study on possible future developments. The Future, both variant and plural, allows for every proposal as part of a spectre of thoughts that is both – wise and naive. Therefore representations should be seen as stimuli for a possible development, refering to the idea of „a Global Village“ in a Network based society; in which Maribor becomes a node. Recollection of socialist architecture and its iconic forms creates an image of the empty spaces they seem to have left behind. Questioning these places and their possible future forms, white space becomes a metaphore with which to point out the possibilities inhereted. Four topics of society are broached and their physical effects on urban environment discussed. Each characteristic is consolidated into a form that allows the city to change towards the future, neither shrinking nor growing. Technology and its entities are implemented as a catalyst to show the spatial consequences within the municipal and pastoral areas of Maribor: power plant, data center, food factory, transport hub.